Vehicle Leas (Armored & Soft Skin)

We shield you in Afghanistan

Safi Mover TC provides numerous makes and models Armored & Soft skin Vehicles. Our vehicles lease options are tailored to our clients’ period of performance ranging from daily to long-term multiple months lease options.

We expand our leasing services all over Afghanistan with delivery services for all military bases. Our leasing service includes 24/7 maintenance for all vehicles and provide replacement in case of any break down or accident.

Soft Skin Vehicle

Safi Mover TC can assist you with your vehicles leasing requirements. We provide full range of soft skin vehicles for lease. We can provide you low-profile soft skins as well. We can also provide regular maintenance of these vehicles and offer roadside services. Our trained professionals will develop a lease package based on your requirement.

Whether you require a vehicle for a day or a year we have the solution you require.