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About us

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Delivering absolute reliable services and striving to become Afghanistan’s most customer-focused transportation and logistics company. Supporting our mission by demonstrating our motivation to help our customers and service providers for Afghan people; being successful, be flexible, constantly understand customers’ added-values and invest in the development and rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

Working in harmony, creating the most trusted source of transportation and logistics support and solutions. We strongly promote teamwork, innovation, customer-focus and leadership values to support our vision. Safi Mover TC was established and founded with a vision and desire to become a force in transportation, logistics and import & export market.

Safi Mover

Freight forwarding and transportation logistics is a dynamic, fast paced field that requires a wide variety of people to keep things moving. We are proud of the expertise and longevity of our team but with our range of services that include international freight handling/logistics, warehousing, inventory/fulfillment and transportation. We take a relationship based, team approach where every member is an integral part of the customer account, Safi Mover TC has a big team in Kabul with employees and agents around Afghanistan and we are glad to introduce you with our office in Dubai-UAE and a partner in the U.S.

Owned by Shafiq Safi, Safi Mover is an Afghan Transportation & Logistics Company that was founded in 2014 and is a privately owned Afghan Shipping and logistics company located at Kabul, Afghanistan. We specialize in inbound cargo from Asia to the Afghanistan and vice-versa. We also can take care of export needs and air freight shipments. Safi Mover TC is a full-service domestic and international freight forwarder. We focus on fast, responsive customer service, as well as consistent, reliable and competitive transport.

We have a proven track record of providing great customer service along with excellent overland freight and air freight rates. We specialize in moving ocean or air freight to or from any location in Asia and across the globe. Through our network of partners and years of growing volume we have very competitive ocean and air freight rates for both your import and export trades. through our global network of partners, we can provide full set of services in ocean transportation, air cargo transportation, break-bulk shipping, warehousing and distribution, international moving, cargo insurance, and tracking and tracing along with array of other services. We have excellent overseas agency relationships all over the world and we are committed to providing the most competitive rates. Our growth has been a testimony to these founding business principles that we continue to demonstrate today.

  • Flexibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Personalized/Tailor-made Services

We partner with businesses worldwide to provide innovative logistics solutions around the globe. This, combined with specialized and a dedicated team is the key to our high level of customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Safi Mover TC enables companies to respond to global opportunities, connect with new suppliers and customers, and leverage creative shipping solutions that take the complexity out of doing business globally. Through our global network, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of freight forwarding services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. To deliver successful results though, takes an experienced understanding of what is truly needed, and then a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services to meet them. From global ocean and air freight forwarding to warehousing and local distribution, chemical expertise, specialized freight capabilities, customs services, and more. That’s why you can rely on us to deliver results.

Safi Mover


Safi Mover TC goes above and beyond providing traditional transportation and logistics solutions. Beginning with a thorough analysis of your requirements, a solution is tailored that best utilizes our integrated technologies, global network and recommended services to address your logistics needs. We’ll deploy only the services you need, when you need them – to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

Let us develop a customized solution for you from our network’s wide range of services.

We put the world in your hands, the globe at your door.

At Safi Mover TC, customer experience will always be the heart of our operations. Our blueprint of tomorrow lies in strengthening our ties today. We strive to achieve excellence for all our customer’s needs. With our resourceful team of logistics professionals, an extensive global network; we are prepared for the future by building a strong foundation today.

Safi Mover TC has strong understanding of the fast-paced nature of shipping distribution as a logistic demonstration of the highest level of personalize customer services to provide the cost-effective and feasible decisions for your business. We can provide you with a clear view of your supply chain to make sure every shipment is executed within the most efficient and concise manner possible. With Safi Mover TC, you will have a single point of contact to help simplify the process and find the most cost-effective mode of transportation every time.

Why Safi Mover TC

Safi Mover TC have been providing top quality service in respective marketplaces for many years, so we bring to the table an unparalleled level of expertise. With full staffs skilled in all aspects of forwarding and logistics, our team are ready to meet and exceed your important requirements. By contrast, our team treat your freight as their own. You can be sure that your cargo is handled by a person who cares, however far away from origin or destination. We may not boast the best freight forwarder in the region, but we can certainly assure you of quality services which means you can rely on us to handle your freight with confidence.

Working With Safi Mover Offers Many Advantage

  • Experts in LCL, FCL, and Air
  • Representation in all major ports worldwide
  • One-Stop Shop – Full Service (including customs clearance, documentation, delivery etc.)
  • Proactive communication to creates an error- and hassle-free delivery and satisfies both the shipper and the consignee and ensures a more secure and expeditious supply chain for our customers
  • We have our own warehouses and parking yard facilities, along with our own fleet of trucks
  • We have long history of offering value-added freight forwarding solutions for our worldwide customer base with the vision to aggressively develop a powerful global network
  • We appreciate all our clients and we individually approach to inquiries and needs of each customer
Safi Mover

We Serve

We take care of all manners of goods, from small electronic components to large scale machinery. We specialize in energy, constructions, automobile, manufacturing, and high-tech industries. At Safi Mover TC, we have connections to specialized transportation. We have access to super containers, new modes of transport, flatbeds, oversized load trucks, and more. We are willing to take the risks with difficult projects because we take backing our clients seriously.